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Coc'eau Coconut Milk with Mango flavor 240ml x 24 cans

  • $31200

  • Coc’eau Coconut Milk with Mango made from real coconut milk from the coconut tree, without cow milk added. By adding Namdokmai Mango puree, using high quality ingredient selection and cutting edge production process, Coc’eau Coconut Milk with Mango is the healthy drink that smoothly blend, rich and tasty. In addition, our coconut milk with Mango are healthy, naturally made and filled with high nutrition that suitable for everyone. Namdokmai mango puree added into our coconut milk is also valuable. It contains high Vitamin C and Antioxidants which helps enhance your skin, Vitamin A maintaining your eyesight, and Beta-Carotene helps in body balance and prevent several types of cancers such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, etc.

  • Product of Thailand