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Coc'eau Coconut Milk with Durian flavor 240ml x 24 cans

  • $31200

  • Coc’eau Coconut Milk with Durian made from real coconut milk from the coconut tree, without cow milk added. By adding Mon Thong Durian, which selected right from the gardener, into our Coconut Milk, our drink are more tasty and rich with its unique flavor. We search for the best ingredient especially Durian puree that eliminate the white powder out of the production process and use only golden yellow puree of Durian to produce our drinks. With cutting edged production process, Coc’eau Coconut Milk with Durian are smoothly blend together and ready to serve as a healthy drink that can give you enjoyable and delightful for both coconut milk and durian at the same time with real taste and flavor from real fruit. This make Coc’eau Coconut Milk with Durian a high nutrition drink and suitable for health lover and everyone in all ages.

  • Product of Thailand